Frequently Asked Candy Questions

People ask us the toughest questions around, and boy do we have answers.  And we don’t sugarcoat our answers either, no sirree!  Here are some answers to the most popular questions we receive:

Do you have Wig Wags?

This is the #1 question we get, and unfortunately they don’t make Wig Wags anymore.  BUT, we do have a bar called Curly Wurly that is very similar to Wig Wags and our Wig Wag-lovin’ customers give it a big thumb’s up!

Do you have cola jawbreakers?

Do we ever. Oodles of them.

Do you carry sponge toffee?

Yes, we have sponge toffee but we only carry it only from fall to early spring because in the summer our friend, the sun, melts it and makes it go hard.

Do you have Koo Koo bars?

We are Koo Koo for Koo Koo bars, too!  That’s why we always keep plenty in-stock!

Do you have Cuban Lunch?

Sadly, this Canadian favourite is no longer around.  Customers have told us that the Nut Goodie is similar, though – and yes, we always stock that one for the mourners of the Cuban Lunch.

Do you have Black Jack Gum?

Along with Beemans Gum and Clove Gum, Black Jack is only made every five years by Adams as a Nostalgic gum. Stock up while it lasts!