Donation and Charity Requests

Thank you for thinking of Dessart Sweets for support of your organization or event. We receive hundreds of requests for donations annually and have set guidelines to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of donations. Only requests adhering to this process will receive consideration. Thank you for your understanding.

We require at least 30 days advance notice of request. We will consider each request but due to the high volume of requests, we only contact those that have been approved. We will contact you if we’re able to fill your donation request

Please read our donation criteria and if your request falls within the guideline outlined, fill out the online form.

Donation charity/event request criteria:

  1. Donation request must be received online at least one month before the event
  2. The request must be made through our online form
  3. Donation item will be displayed with Dessart’s information
  4. School or family requests are from our local community (Cathedral/Lakeview neighbourhoods)
  5. Tell us a little about how your organization contributes to our community
  6. We’d like to know one of your favourite memories of Dessart